SBPASC transforms claims processing nationwide

Service Benefit Plan Administration Service Corp. has introduced 10 services in a sweeping transformation that has reduced temporary staffing, increased membership engagement and reduced manual tasks.

SBPASC transforms claims processing nationwide
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In today’s healthcare industry, accessibility and ease-of-use are paramount, as customers have come to expect easy-to-navigate services designed to make once complex processes simple.

Service Benefit Plan Administrative Service Corp. (SBPASC), which provides IT operations and services for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan, is well aware of those new consumer expectations. This shift pushed the company to launch NextGen, a program to make its healthcare offerings more accessible to customers nationwide, starting with systems for health-plan enrollment, claims processing and customer service.

“We wanted to create products that have greater speed to market for new benefits and products, support new and emerging value-based payment models, streamline processes to achieve operational excellence, and improve the overall member experience,” says William Byrd, vice president of business solutions delivery.

After evaluating the “topline business needs,” says Byrd, SBPASC decided on three main drivers for establishing technologies to adopt and build to create a nationwide customer-service platform. NextGen, which involves 10 systems and products, simplifies claims-processing, automates manual tasks and delivers deeper business insights through data.

Improving the customer experience

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