Robotics in the Middle East: Gov-led agencies, enterprises embrace robotics

Saudi Arabia has placed robotics firmly on the agenda for government-led organisations, as robots catch on elsewhere in the Middle East.

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In a move meant to help over 200,000 pilgrims visiting Makkah for Hajj, the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has introduced robots that connect doctors based in Riyadh and Jeddah to patients. 

Connected through 4G technology, the robots consist of forward-facing screens that display a live feed of specialised doctors such as oncologists and cardiologists to speak with and consult patients in real-time. 

“We have the ability to now consult any Ministry of Health consultant from all over the Kingdom to be immediately within the hospitals,” said Dr Ahmad Balkhair, the deputy minister for eHealth and digital transformation. “He can roam within the hospitals, go to any department or any bed and give the consultation directly.”

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