10 change management mistakes to avoid

Poor change management can be a transformation killer. Here’s how change initiatives can and do fail, and what can be done to course-correct.

10 change management mistakes to avoid
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Organizations looking to navigate change, be warned: The odds of success aren’t good.

According to its June 2019 market report, Moving from Digital Readiness to Effectiveness, Everest Group Research found that most companies undertaking digital transformation initiatives fall short of their objectives, with 73 percent of enterprises failing to realized sustained returns.

“We still see organizations struggle with change, and that rate of failure has held steady for the past 15 years or so,” says Cecilia Edwards, an Everest Group partner who co-leads its IT and digital transformation practice.

After decades of tech-driven change, what gives?

Edwards has a theory. She acknowledges that the Everest Group figure and other such statistics may seem surprising, but they reflect the higher bar that exists for initiatives to be deemed successes today. To be a win today, initiatives must deliver clear business value.

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