Raytheon’s cloud-based test bed takes risk out of innovation

Implementing new technology in the defense industry comes with a lot of considerations. Here’s how Raytheon development a virtual environment for experimentation without risk.

Raytheon’s cloud-based test bed takes risk out of innovation
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Risk, compliance and security are primary concerns for companies operating in the defense industry. But increased focus on these issues can complicate an organization’s agility when adopting or adapting to new technology. This is what Raytheon was up against when it embarked on an IT initiative to develop a secure, cloud-based virtual innovation environment to test and explore new technology.

New technology that hasn’t been screened or tested for potential security threats or vulnerabilities can pose a major risk to organization that prioritizes security. In developing its innovation environment, Raytheon needed to create a solution that both supports the “rigorous and time-consuming processes” of testing for potential security threats and “expedites the risk reviews while still achieving speed, agility and compliance,” says Dr. Kieran Nolan, director of digital transformation.

The project, which earned Raytheon a CIO 100 Award in IT Excellence, enables any Raytheon employee to experiment with new technologies that are considered risky, have low maturity, or have not yet been evaluated for risks, all within a security-compliant environment.

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