Malware campaign targeted Kuwait-based transport, shipping firms

The cyberattack campaign, dubbed xHunt, used Trojans and other malware tools similar to those used in 2018 attacks in Kuwait, and have similarities to malware used by an Iran-linked group, according to researchers.

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Previously unknown hacking tools targeted transportation and shipping organizations based in Kuwait between May and June this year, according to Unit 42, the global threat intelligence team at Palo Alto Networks.

The cyberattack campaign was likely related to activity also targeting Kuwait between July and December 2018, which was recently reported by IBM X-Force IRIS, Unit 42 said in a study released Monday.

The researchers found that in the first known attack this year, malicious actors deployed a backdoor tool called Hisoka version 0.8, as well as other malware that appear to have been created by the same developer or developers. Other backdoor tools found by Unit 42 were called Sakabota, Hisoka, Netero and Killua.

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