7 steps to stealth self-promotion and career advancement

Succeeding in the IT world without looking overly ambitious requires careful planning and commitments that extend beyond your current job's basic borders.

7 steps to stealth self-promotion and career advancement
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In today's IT world, hard work, reliability and productivity are no longer enough to ensure long-term career success. Few of today's top leaders were able to make a name for themselves — or boost their position and compensation — by working quietly and diligently behind a desk. Like it or not, getting noticed and applauded by colleagues and industry kingpins now plays a major role in moving up the career ladder.

Yet gaining visibility without appearing overly self-promotional is an art in and of itself. There's a fine line between gaining acclaim for one's genuine talents and insights and getting noticed for simply wishing to be noticed. The former can lead to new and potentially priceless career opportunities while the latter tends to create an obnoxious public persona that actually drives people away.

Because becoming a public figure and industry influencer doesn't come naturally to most IT professionals, it helps to know the best ways to attract attention without banging the drum too vigorously. Here are seven expert tips to help you get started on the road to fame, acclaim and career advancement.

1. Enhance your profile by becoming an industry leader

Actively participating in an IT-related industry association by serving on a committee or heading a project has long been a springboard to industry leadership. Association collaboration opens the way to new professional networking opportunities and career advancement.

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