10 IT-business collaboration mistakes to avoid

Ignoring conflict, missing out on post-mortems, failing to prioritize trust — here’s what is holding you back when co-creating and collaborating with business colleagues. 

10 IT-business collaboration mistakes to avoid
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These days more than ever, collaboration and co-creation with your business peers is key to digital success. Without a harmonious, productive business-IT relationship digital initiatives are more likely to derail. Legacy approaches and outlooks, not to mention ingrained frictions and differing styles, can present challenges for collaboration among business and IT colleagues.

Even when sharing the same organizational goals, you and your business colleagues may hold very different views on how to move projects forward. Perhaps a business peer is quick to blame others — including you — when things don’t work out, or frequently offers complaints and sharp criticism in meetings. How can you improve the relationship?

The solution may be more personal than technical, with a focus on developing trust, even with colleagues who don’t see eye to eye. Sometimes it takes time, stepping back and taking a different perspective, and probably altering your communication style so that they’re more open to your way of thinking. 

Here are some common mistakes IT professionals and organizations make when collaborating with their business peers, along with pro tips on how to get better results when bridging the business-IT divide. 

Ignoring conflict

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