IT Resume Makeover: Restructuring for the C-suite

In this resume makeover, Andrew Ysasi helps a candidate update his already-strong resume with better formatting and a more visually appealing design.

IT Resume Makeover: Restructuring for the C-suite
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To break into the upper echelons of IT, your resume has to be honed to emphasize leadership skills and experience. Even if your resume has a strong foundation, shifts in structure and subtle tweaks can significantly enhance your chances of landing a CIO role.

Matthew Bond, whose name has been changed for this article, is looking to move into a CIO or other executive leadership role, so we paired up Bond with IT resume expert Andrew Ysasi, president of Adamovio and vice president of Vital Records Control, to help optimize Bond’s resume.

Ysasi noted that Bond’s CV was “complete and had the basic elements” for a solid resume. He also saw that some restructuring could help emphasize how Bond’s background and skills qualify him for the C-suite, as his original resume didn’t quite tie his skills and experience to the necessary qualifications for a leadership position.

Here’s a look at how Bond’s resume makeover came together, along with tips for honing your own.

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