IT-as-a-business is dead. Long live BusOps

Thanks to digital transformation, technology is embedded in every business process and practice your company relies on. It’s time to take a tip from DevOps, and rethink the business-IT divide.

IT-as-a-business is dead. Long live BusOps

The following is excerpted from There’s No Such Thing as an IT Project: A Handbook for Intentional Business Change.

To succeed in the digital age, IT projects must be redefined to deliver business change instead of just information technology deliverables. But beneath this lies a more fundamental shift: IT operations should be just as embedded in business operations as IT applications should be embedded in achieving business change.

In many organizations, IT is run as if it were a separate business – a service provider for its internal customers. Unfortunately, doing so creates dysfunction for both the applications and operations sides of the IT house.

Part of this is because the IT-as-a-business metaphor has led to a strange practice: negotiated service level agreements (SLAs) between IT operations and its internal customers.

In real IT outsourcing terms, an SLA is a two-part metric. The first part is the minimum acceptable standard of service. The second enumerates how often the outsourcer has to achieve that level of service.

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