IT pros go back to school to advance their careers

To keep pace with change, IT pros are enrolling in courses and programs aimed at expanding their horizons. Here are five areas that are paying off.

Learning is a life-long process, as many people in IT would agree. Because technology is rarely static, failure to keep up on the latest trends and skills can stifle a career.

Technology professionals, including CIOs and other senior IT executives, are embracing today’s pace of change by going back to school — whether in the form of one-off courses, or training or degree programs. Doing so keeps their skills sharp and expands their horizons.

So if you have been thinking of brushing up on new IT knowledge but have hit on wall on what to pursue, here are some of the areas IT professionals are learning about to advance their careers or enhance their current job performance.

Data privacy

Skills related to data security and privacy are in high demand today, especially when it comes to running an IT department.

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