Top 6 agile tools for project management

Keep your projects humming with these tools geared for teams committed to agile practices and workflows.

Top 6 agile tools for project management
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Much has changed since the Agile Manifesto first appeared. At the time, programmers were revolting against the tyranny of the specs document and the rigid, lock-step organization of work. Let us be free, they said, and we can work faster and more productively. But that also meant constant reorganization and a lot of Post-it notes and bulletin boards and scraps of paper and arrows pointing everywhere.

Today we have fully realized tool suites that support the process. The poor handwriting, dried adhesives and multi-colored confusion of paper has been replaced with the precision and infinite attention of database-backed web applications.

Moreover, the rituals and routine of agile development has grown so popular that others in the company are taking notice. Some of the tools don’t limit themselves to the work of turning out code. They aim their marketing at any team that needs to solve a problem. This may be annoying to programmers who find that some of the tools don’t focus directly on the tasks associated with software development such as commits and deployment. But it’s best to see this innovation as a compliment, a recognition of the smart work that the programming world has done.

Here are 6 of the most intriguing options for keeping everyone working together and pulling in something approximating the same direction.

Zoho Sprints

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