7 signs you’re being exploited at work — and what to do about it

All too often the reward for good work is more work. Here’s how to know when enough is enough and what you can do to better your situation.

7 signs you’re being exploited at work — and what to do about it
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There’s a well-worn saying that the reward for good work is more work. Apply that truism to IT, an industry with a reputation for long hours and nearly impossible deadlines, and you’ve got a recipe for burnout or worse.

In fact, there’s now evidence that those who appear to enjoy their work are more likely to be taken advantage of at their jobs. People who self-identify as being “passionate” about their work are often the most likely to be mistreated, according to a recent study from Duke University’s business school

Researchers found that overachievers are more likely to be asked to put in overtime without pay, leave family on weekends to work, and do work that’s not in their job descriptions. Some managers genuinely do see more work as a reward, or simply think people who enjoy their jobs would have volunteered to take on more, according to the research. 

So how can you judge when the demands of your tech job are unreasonable? Experts say some of the most obvious signs include being forced to take on extra work without recognition, being given unreasonable deadlines, or when pay is frequently delayed. 

With this in mind, here are some signals that you’re being exploited at work, as well as some tips on dealing with a difficult boss, and, potentially, how to resolve the situation.

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