7 ways IT can help cut friction from the customer experience

Top-notch CX is a digital business imperative. Here’s how to ensure your organization’s customer and client experience is hassle-free.

7 ways IT can help cut friction from the customer experience

It’s not enough to provide high-quality products and services. In today’s business market, companies also need to deliver positive experiences for their customers. To that end, organizations are constantly looking for ways to enhance the way they interact with clients, provide services, share information, and respond to queries.

A recent report from research firm Gartner show that 75 percent of 244 organizations surveyed had increased their customer experience (CX) technology investments in 2018, and CIOs are increasingly being pulled in to help.

One key to delivering a better CX is to reduce or eliminate friction wherever possible. This might include anything from reducing wait times before speaking with a support representative, to ensuring client information is entered correctly on an order form.

“Companies increasingly understand that customers are rarely looking to be delighted or ‘wowed’ by vendors,” says Bill Lee, founder of the Center for Customer Engagement, an organization that provides consulting and research services related to strategic customer engagement. “They want hassle-free.”

Here are some suggestions of how IT can help reduce friction and enhance customer experiences.

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