CDO resumes: 4 tips for landing a chief data officer role

Chief data officers are on the rise as businesses embrace data-driven strategies. But you’ll want to follow these four tips to write the perfect CDO resume to get the job.

CDO resumes: 4 tips for landing a chief data officer role
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As companies start to adapt data-first strategies, the role of chief data officer is becoming increasingly important. A survey from the 2018 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report from MicroStrategy found that 57 percent of the global companies already hired a CDO and 24 percent said they were considering creating a CDO position in the future. 

Landing a CDO job requires a strong resume. But you don’t need to feel intimidated when writing your executive-level resume; you just need to do a little research. Here are tips and tricks from technology resume experts on how to write the ideal resume for chief data officer positions.

1. Focus on digital transformation

The data industry is relatively new so any CDO is going to be tasked with major digital transformation efforts to help get the company up to speed.

“When preparing a resume for CDO roles, each candidate must consider their audience, as different companies include a range of duties into each role. However, the ability to drive digital technology transformation is going to be the focus,” says Stephen Van Vreede, resume expert at IT Tech Exec.

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