Top Middle East tech conferences: What's still on, what's virtual

While the COVID-19 crisis has caused widespread disruption in the 2020 tech conference schedule, many event organizers in the Middle East have adapted to the pandemic by postponing until the last half of the year or by going virtual (or both).

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced Middle East conference organizers to adapt to a new reality, with many events postponed or going completely virtual. There are still some major events in the latter half of the year that so far are still being held in a physical location, but the situation is fluid so always doublecheck before making final plans, or before traveling.

Tech conferences offer IT leaders a chance to check out the latest in emerging technology— including IoT, 5G, AI and blockchain — while learning new ways to optimise legacy systems and connect them to newer computing environments including public cloud platforms. Our picks are for some of the larger or more interesting events still scheduled in the region.

Fintex Middle East

8 - 9 September [Online; moved from July]

Fintex has gone virtual, and is now billing itself as Fintex Digital, "the first-ever, large-scale virtual summit for the banking industry." The conference will still have opportunities for networking and roundtables (via live video), as well as product demos and keynotes. The event centers around eight themes: AI, big data analysis, blockchain, customer experience, security, digital lending, open banking and payment systems.

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