8 tips for dealing with IT project pushback

Technical initiatives are often met with resistance from business leaders, IT pros and end users alike. Here’s how to transform friction into feedback that can help push your project forward.

8 tips for dealing with IT project pushback
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As IT’s role has evolved to further incorporate business strategy, so too has the way tech leaders communicate with their teams. New plans, projects, and products are frequently met with pushback, and in fact, some IT leaders say the expectation of pushback should be built into the process, with a plan for how to persuasively communicate and listen to resistant and hesitant voices.

Most IT leaders say that frank conversations about resistance have helped produce new information that ultimately moved the project forward. And, in some cases, pushback results from legitimate concerns about a project that needs course correction. 

Here are several tips on how IT leaders can deal with resistance in the ranks as they work to deliver change to their organizations. 

See it coming

Pushback is just part of the process and should be expected, says Al Smith, chief technology officer at iCIMS. In fact, Smith considers pushback a critical part of the role peers and leaders play in the organization. 

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