Women in IT

At SUSE, mentoring helps shape the future for women in tech

Melissa Di Donato’s first priority as CEO of SUSE was to implement a mentoring program to uplift women in their tech careers.

At SUSE, mentoring helps shape the future of women in tech

One of the first things Melissa Di Donato did after being appointed CEO of SUSE in July 2019 was launch an internal mentoring program.

“Every move I made in my career had something to do with the advice of a mentor,” Di Donato told IDG Communications editor-in-chief Eric Knorr in a recent interview. “I’m probably unique, but it’s been very, very impactful for my life and my career. When I came to SUSE, I said — what are we doing for women in open source?”

Mentorship and sponsorship are two ways to tackle the lack of diversity in tech by providing support and advocacy, and highlighting career path and growth opportunities for women and minorities in tech.

While diversity in tech is woefully lacking, it’s even worse in the open source community, with a 2017 GitHub survey of 5,500 developers finding 95 percent of respondents being male, according to a Wired article on the survey.

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