Israeli tech leaders: Ecommerce, telcos, healthcare ripe for disruption

Technology executives polled by KPMG may be bellwether for industries undergoing transformation.

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Ecommerce platforms will represent the most disruptive business model over the next three years, according to Israeli technology industry executives surveyed by KPMG. Representing a country that's come to be known as the "startup nation," the Israeli tech leaders may be on to something.

Thirty-four percent of Israeli tech leaders polled by KPMG said that ecommerce would be the most disruptive business model over the next few years, about 25 percent higher than the global average, according to KPMG survey numbers that went into its latest "Disruptive companies and business models" report.

"In the last year or two we've seen something like 300 startups a year, just in technology which is disrupting ecommerce," said Jonathan Lavender, KPMG Global Head of Enterprise, based in Tel Aviv. "When you ask people what they're working on, a lot of the SaaS and AI models are geared toward ecommerce."

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