Inside Cisco's IT monitoring makeover

When Cisco’s IT team set out to replace a homegrown monitoring system, changing minds was as much of a challenge as changing code.

Inside Cisco's IT monitoring makeover

Cisco Systems offers its customers an array of options for monitoring their networks and IT systems — but how does Cisco’s internal IT team monitor the infrastructure used by its 75,000 employees around the world?

The answer to that is changing as the company moves from a homegrown monitoring system to one built on top of commercial products, says Radhika Chagarlamudi, senior director for business collaboration and software platforms with Cisco’s IT team.

From a core of on-premises systems, Cisco’s IT infrastructure — like that of other enterprises — has grown to encompass cloud and SaaS systems.

“We have a mixture, a hybrid ecosystem,” says Chagarlamudi. “We also have a lot more dynamic infrastructure than we’ve had in the past.”

That complexity means that, if problems do arise, they can be hard to fix. “We had to figure out how to get the mean time to resolution faster,” she says.

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