CIO Agenda: Innovate and transform on the 'third platform'

Crawford del Prete, executive vice president and chief research officer at IDC, says CIOs should consider to innovate on top of the business trends of cloud, big data, social and mobile.

 We are moving to the 'third platform' #8211; IDC#8217;s term for these four trends #8211; and innovations in this space will fuel and transform all kinds of industries, he says. CIOs are moving from just collecting information to turning that into innovating for the system. IT should provide the set of tools that will help the organisation innovate and move forward in new ways. In his keynote speech at the CIO Summit in Auckland, Crawford stresses the need to develop a cloud first strategy and to think about mobile as the latter is the frontline in customer experience. It is also important to develop a working relationship with the line of business, he says. IDC estimates that by 2016, LOB executives will be directly involved in 80 percent of new IT investments. Companies, meanwhile will initiate an average of 40 new IT projects in 2013 (with or without IT). The implications are profound for CIOs. #8220;It is time to revisit IT planning, governance and portfolio management methods,quot; says del Prete. Another keynote speaker, Paul Strong, chief technology officer, global field for VMware says the challenge for CIOs as they work with line of business units is to help them realise that technology is not something that supports the way things have always been done but is an enabler of doing things in a different way. #8220;Get business people to understand technology better and realise almost all business now are being differentiated through use of technology,#8221; he says. He calls on enterprises to use IT #8220;as a weapon to change the business model#8221;. Many old-established businesses are not making money; they are not using technology correctly,#8221; he says. #8220;An enormous amount of innovation tends to happen when you have don#8217;t monoculture,#8221; he says, adding that the vast majority of big breakthroughs in science have been interdisciplinary.

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