CIO-plus: Message to tech superstars: Quit while at the top - or regenerate

Tech firms: Quit while at the top - or regenerate History indicates that the leaders in one wave rarely survive to dominate the next, says Gartner.

Non-public cloud users at ‘competitive disadvantage’ “Enterprises can’t afford to be slow,” says Amazon Web Services leader Andy Jassy at re:Invent.

IBM will beat Amazon Web Services because process beats product It's about understanding how to work with large government organisations - something IBM has been doing for nearly a century - and why process is more important than product, writes Rob Enderle.

Six tips to help you manage shadow IT What you need to do to identify IT services not directly under your control.

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The new C 'I' O targets Ray Wang of Constellation Research discusses the four roles CIOs need to deliver - as infrastructure, integration, innovation and intelligence chiefs - and pointers to achieve this.

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