Coastlines to run operations in the cloud with SAP

Coastlines is the first New Zealand organisation to adopt SAP Business ByDesign, launched in New Zealand in 2013, as an integrated suite, which allows it to run all its operations in the cloud.

Coastlines supplies surfboards, wetsuits, clothing and accessories to some of the largest retail groups in the world – ranging from French multinational retailer, Carrefour, with 9800 retail outlets worldwide to Portuguese conglomerate, Sonae, Decathlon and Sportzone. In Australasia, it is a supplier to Torpedo7 and Super Retail Group.

The implementation, carried out by SAP partner Soltius will allow the group to consolidate its core project management and finance operations to a fully-integrated cloud business platform, providing flexibility and long-term scalability, without additional IT overhead.

“We knew that as we compete in global markets, then one day we would have to take big a step up from the software we were using and adopt the systems and business processes that would let us consistently meet our commitments,” says Sean Kennedy, Coastlines CEO.

“Our projects have very long lifecycles,” says Kennedy. “It can take up to two years from the initial idea to the time we deliver the finished goods. With staff in four countries and growing, we can now have up to 120 projects running at any given time. So it is crucial to have a scalable and integrated solution that allows us to tightly manage the progress, risks and profitability across all of these projects.

We knew that as we compete in global markets, then one day we would have to take big a step up from the software we were using. Sean Kennedy, Coastlines

“People think being an entrepreneur is about taking risks. It’s not. It’s about quantifying and managing risk, about understanding risk and reducing it,” he says on why the company opted to move to SAP.

“Each of our customers presents us with thick, multi-tabbed procedural manuals detailing their precise requirements on packaging, labelling, shipping and invoicing,” he says. “We have to comply with them in every respect. When we load a 40’ container we have to match exactly the plan they give us so their people anywhere in the world can unpack it in 24 minutes. If we don’t, they can’t, and then we incur penalties.”

Kennedy says SAP allows them to meet these standards every time.

Coastlines will roll out next the CRM functionality of the SAP Business ByDesign. Coastlines operations manager Duncan Turnbull says the ability to switch on additional functionality and easily configure it to the business needs is one of the strengths of the system. “It can scale with the business as we grow, and it provides a long-term global platform for us.”

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