Rocket Lab taps Siemens software to scale up production

Rocket Lab will be using Siemens hi-tech industrial software to help digitally manage the lifecycle needs of the business.

The Kiwi aerospace manufacturer and the world’s leading small satellite launch service, has already launched 40 satellites to space and is expanding services.

It will use software from the Xcelerator portfolio of Siemens. This includes Teamcenter, which Siemens says is the world’s most widely used digital lifecycle management software, and NX software for computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing.

The announcement comes as Rocket Lab prepares to integrate all its design, engineering and production systems to establish an end-to-end digital thread that enables increased transparency and efficiency across various offices.

“Investing in the right digital platforms that allow us to easily scale with growth is critical to the sustainability of our business,” says Shaun O’Donnell, vice president of global operations at Rocket Lab.

“With offices around the world, we rely heavily on the access of relevant information that impacts the efficiencies of our production processes.”

“Using Teamcenter, we’ll be able to combine various aspects of data related to the same part, assembly and system to maintain a single source of truth across the lifecycle of the product,” says O’Donnell.

“As we grow, NX will give our designers increased performance and stability to cope with larger assemblies.”

Siemens says Rocket Lab will use the same software that the top 20 global aerospace manufacturing companies have implemented to drive digital transformation across all phases of operations.

“The space race is becoming increasingly important globally and here in Australia and New Zealand,” says Samantha Murray, managing director of Siemens Digital Industries Software for ANZ.

“While the real race will be played out way above us, here the pillars driving competitiveness will be digital and dependent on how technologies support access to global supply chains.”

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