Waikato University deploys student management system from Tribal Group

The University of Waikato has gone live with the Tribal Group’s SITS:Vision solution as part of a strategy to provide a seamless digital experience for students from initial enquiry and application through to graduation.

SITS:Vision replaces the university’s incumbent student management system (SMS).

The software will unify student data to help inform decision making in areas such as student recruitment, student retention, student experience and student finance.

“Our objective is to improve the university’s processes, improve accessibility of data, and enhance the staff and student experience,” says Alister Jones, senior deputy vice-chancellor at the University of Waikato.

He says Tribal’s SITS:Vision was selected based on its functionalities and ability to meet the university’s current and future needs for student engagement.

Two years ago, the university established its SMS project and commenced the Tribal Framework Build, a technology base for the SITS:Vision implementation.

This approach helped facilitate a more rapid deployment of the SITS:Vision and Student Information Desk (SID) solution, enabling the delivery of an end-to-end SMS from enquiry and admission to graduation.

The on-time deployment of the SITS build has allowed the university to turn the old system to ‘read-only’ in a remarkably short project time frame, says Tribal Group, in a statement.

The university will now enhance SITS functionality during a Learn and Improve phase to continue addressing outstanding business requirements and any new requirements identified through project delivery.

Tribal Group says it will continue to work with the university on the next phase of the project, identifying new functionality and ongoing development to support the university’s requirements.

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