Big data vendors back open source tools

Major players in the big data space are joining forces to support open source software with the creation of industry association, Open Data Platform (ODP).

IBM, GE, Teradata, Infosys, VMware, Pivotal, SAS and others will develop on and test out Apache Hadoop open source tools to help enterprises build and implement data apps. The initiative will also encourage vendor interoperability and compatibility for enterprises working with complex big data software ecosystems.

ODP will adhere to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) guidelines for the contribution of ideas and code, and provide a ‘test once, use everywhere’ platform of Apache Hadoop, Apache Ambari and related Apache source artifacts.

“The open source movement is fundamentally changing the way that software is being developed in the industry today. Common frameworks and standards such as Open Data Platform will help solidify open source as a proven option for enterprises,” Ben Fathi, chief technology officer of VMware, said in a statement.

“Infosys is seeing rapid adoption of open source software in the world’s largest enterprises across all major industry segments,” added Navin Budhiraja, head architecture and technology at Infosys.

“As all businesses strive to become digital, they see an increasing need for a platform that can support real-time and actionable insights, self-service exploration, and fluid data schemas to quickly adapt to the dynamic business needs.

"This will require them to deploy new web-scale architectures, and the adoption of these modern architectures can be greatly accelerated if they are based on open standards, and easy access to trained talent.”


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