The digital economy goals

To measure progress in realising its vision by 2020, the government has set the following goals:


Australia ranks in the top five OECD countries in the portion of households that connect to broadband at home.


Australia ranks in the top five OECD countries in relation to the portion of businesses, and not for profit organisations, using online opportunities to drive productivity improvements, expand their customer base and enable jobs growth.


The majority of Australian households, businesses and other organisations will have access to smart technology to better manage their energy use.


As identified in the National E-Health Strategy endorsed by the federal, state and territory governments, 90 per cent of high priority consumers such as older Australians, mothers and babies and those with a chronic disease, or their carers, can access individual electronic health records.

By July 2015, 495 000 telehealth consultations will have been delivered providing remote access to specialists for patients in rural, remote and outer metropolitan areas, and by 2020, 25 per cent of all specialists will be participating in delivering telehealth consultations to remote patients.


Australian schools, TAFEs, universities and higher education institutions will have the connectivity to develop and collaborate on innovative and flexible educational services and resources to extend online learning resources to the home and workplace; and the facilities to offer students and learners, who cannot access courses via traditional means, the opportunity for online virtual learning.


Australia will have at least doubled its level of teleworking so that at least 12 per cent of Australian employees report having a teleworking arrangement with their employer.


Four out of five Australians will choose to engage with the government through the internet or other type of online service.

Digital divide

The gap between households and businesses in capital cities and those in regional areas will have narrowed significantly.

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