SAP’s global data centres to be 100 per cent green

SAP has announced it will power all of its data centres around the world with 100 per cent renewable energy starting 2014, following a report on its carbon footprint that showed an increase in emissions.

SAP’s Inegrated Report 2013 showed that absolute carbon emissions increased by 12 per cent during 2012 to 2013, with greenhouse gas emissions increasing from 30.0 grams CO2 per euro of total revenue to 32.4 grams CO2 per euro.

By 2020, SAP wants to halve its carbon footprint (measured in 2007).

"Committing to 100 percent renewable electricity in our data centres and facilities is a natural consequence of our business model shift into the cloud," Peter Graf, chief sustainability officer at SAP, said in a statement.

"By delivering our industry-leading cloud solutions in an environmentally friendly fashion, we expand our competitiveness in the cloud software market while further enhancing our sustainability leadership."

SAP currently runs five HANA Enterprise Cloud data centres – two in Europe, two in the United States and one in Singapore. In 2012, SAP’s cloud arm SuccessFactors opened an Australian data centre.

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The company has also recently launched a green initiative of subsidising and encouraging German employees to take up electric vehicles. About 60 electric vehicles have been adopted so far.

In 2011, around 500 SAP employees tested about 27 electric vehicles to see if it was worth switching to greener company cars. Software that manages the charging stations for the vehicles was also developed by SAP’s research team from the trial.


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