North Sydney Council deploys IP communications

North Sydney Council has deployed an IP communications solution that adopts an all-in-one approach to customer service.

IT manager, Steve Fisher, said the customer interaction centre from Interactive Intelligence has allowed greater communication amongst the Council’s 400 staff members by replacing the Council's ageing PBX system.

“If the old PBX system went down, you would immediately lose contact with remote locations such as the library, swimming pool, central depot, oval and chambers building. This was unacceptable in terms of remote workforce management and in our ability to effectively service the community," Fisher said.

The system allows for automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, unified messaging, desktop faxing and multi-channel recording and enables the Council to deploy software more quickly and easily through reducing bandwidth requirements and removing the need to install software on each desktop.

The Council has also purchased about 275 handsets with features including conferencing, call forwarding and the ability to connect across a number of council facilities.

“We all now have one phone system and the flexibility in the future to add home-based call centre agents. The software will never grow old as upgrades are seamless,” Fisher said.

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