Google Glass users to eye travel plans

Google Glass users can now access and manage flight details and other travel plans using the smart eyewear.

The US company that developed the technology, Concur, has ported TripIt, its travel organising app, to Google Glass. The app is used by more than 10 million people worldwide.

TripIt Glassware – created by Concur and Google – presents real-time flight status notifications at the right moment through a trip including check-in reminders, gate changes, flight delays and other information on Glass.

It is unclear how many Glass users there are in Australia who will benefit from the new app. TripIt has around 1,000 corporate users here.

Concur was one of three travel and hospitality vendors – which also include Foursquare and OpenTable – selected by Google to develop a travel app for Glass.

Concur acquired the app from San Francisco-based firm TripIt in 2011 and it was very much a consumer-based app, said Marten Jagers, managing director at Concur Australia and New Zealand.

"We've also now had the benefit of working with corporates to understand how they can benefit from the platform," he said.

Concur has agreements with airlines, and travel and hospitality companies which provide itinerary information, said Jagers.

Users can then download those itineraries into TripIt. These suppliers provide immediate notifications of flight, gate and check-in changes, which are then displayed to the traveller.

"From an itinerary perspective their are no limitations ... it is a global platform," said Jagers

"We have [had examples] where our gate notifications via TripIt, whether delivered via Google Glass or your phone, are actually faster than some of the airline displays.

"This is enhancing productivity and allowing them to manage their personal lives faster because they can advise their spouses and kids that they are going to be delayed."

TripIt Glassware can be downloaded from Google Play. Users must purchase a $49 per year subscription to receive flight status alerts and notifications.

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