Ricoh CIO bids adieu

Many executives aspire to a change in direction during their careers, and Rob Livingstone is living the dream. August 6 is the Ricoh CIO’s final day, after a decade with the company.

“After 10 years as CIO of Ricoh and 33 years of continual employment in the corporate world, I’m at the stage where I would like to do different things,” he told CIO.

Livingstone is a highly respected figure in CIO circles. His tenure with Ricoh is twice that of the average, and he has overseen the information and communications investments which has allowed the company to more than double in size.

“The main standout would be undergoing a number of major infrastructure projects application refreshes,” he said of his time with the company.

He also maintained IT spending as a fixed percentage of sales during his tenure.

Ricoh has appointed Jim Berne as Livingstone's interim successor. Berne will act as CIO until a final decision is made by the board.

After a break, Rob plans to provide niche executive and ICT advisory services to large Australian enterprises, and will continue to remain active in CIO circles.

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