Public clouds open data storage services: analyst

Data storage services are becoming available in public clouds with the move set to cut enterprise IT costs and make life easier for CIOs trying to best utilise cloud computing.

Research company Ovum released the findings for the new report The clouds now open for enterprise storage.

Analyst and report author, Timothy Stammers, said the shift of data storage services to the cloud is creating a new generation of storage capability.

“Not only do they relieve the burden of storing data on customers’ premises, but they also have the multiplying effect of transferring to the cloud provider the responsibility of backing up that data,” Stammers said.

Stammers said most storage providers are taking advantage of the large public clouds.

“Many of these providers are not even operating these storage systems themselves, but are accessing giant storage clouds such as those run by Amazon, Microsoft or RackSpace, so furthering the economy of scale,” he said.

The news comes as pizza chain Domino’s this week announced its move to the cloud, and as Gartner warned CIOs not to confuse SOA and cloud requirements.

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