Australian universities to research Web threats with Trend Micro

Trend Micro has teamed up with Deakin and Macquarie Universities for the purposes of online security research and development.

The researchers will analyse Web threats targeting Australia and look at developing tools to enhance the levels of online security. They also plan to raise public awareness of cyber threats and educate users on how they can protect themselves online.

Researchers will use machine learning and data mining algorithms to identify malicious domains and websites. The project is based on technology developed by Trend Micro for its Smart Protection Network (SPN). According to the vendor, SPN queries almost four trillion URLs, emails and files globally.

Trend Micro global threat researcher Doctor Jon Oliver said that big data analytics will help researchers identify if the Web threats attacking Australia are impacting individuals or business segments.

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The three-year project is the result of a research grant from the Australian Research Council Linkage Projects scheme. This scheme supports collaborative projects between university education researchers and partner organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

An Australian Research Council spokesperson said in a statement that the project received funding because it could secure cyberspace essential to the daily work of Australian people and address a fundamental problem in safeguarding Australia from cyber crime and terrorism.

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