EMC launches VSPEX BLUE hyperconverged appliances

EMC has announced the availability of VSPEX BLUE hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that delivers compute, storage, networking and management powered by VMware EVO:RAIL and EMC software.

The VSPEX BLUE hyper converged infrastructure appliance enables customers to go from power on to provisioning virtual machines in under 15 minutes.

They are perfectly sized for the New Zealand market, says Arron Patterson, chief technology officer, EMC NZ.

“These appliances rapidly reduce cost, improve agility and increase IT maturity to enable customers to quickly grow as their needs change and truly embrace hybrid cloud,” he adds.

The new VSPEX Blue hyper converged appliances from EMC are perfectly sized for the New Zealand market. Arron Patterson, EMC N

They are extremely simple to order, states Patterson, requiring just a single SKU, simple to configure with a wizard driven installation and include the option of trusted 24x7 support from EMC using the included EMC Secure Remote Service capability.

He says ongoing operations support has also been improved with a single wizard management interface to streamline operations with automated deployment, upgrades, and patches. VSPEX BLUE will be made available locally through Avnet.

An IDC white paper on the launch of VSPEX Blue notes the product meets two criteria for hyperconverged offerings - ease of deployment and cost-effectiveness.

Initial deployment is simple and automated, the IDC report states.

“Policy-based management makes repetitive operations such as provisioning and maintenance fast and reliable. The scale-out architecture ensures simple, granular, and cost-efficient expansion, and on-board automation ensures that, as new resources are added, the workload is transparently rebalanced.

"Compute, storage, and networking resources are managed as shared pools across all nodes, supporting the agile allocation and reclamation of resources that are needed in today's computing environments.”

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