Qrious to launch big data platform based on Cloudera technology

This is about using technology as a competitive advantageDavid Leach, Qrious

Qrious is launching a big data platform based on Cloudera technology, to be hosted by Revera.

“Through this offering, we will make this excellent global technology more accessible to New Zealand businesses,” says David Leach, CEO at Qrious.

Qrious, the big data and analytics software business owned by Spark NZ, earlier announced it has become the first managed service provider in New Zealand for Cloudera, a global data management and analytics firm.

“This is about using technology as a competitive advantage,” Leach tells CIO New Zealand.

“We are supporting our customers on their journey to utilise data more effectively,” says Leach. “They can bring in higher volumes of data, including external data, and through the use of appropriate technology in combination with Qrious’ consulting capability, we are able to help our customers unlock the value of data.”

“As a result, you become a data driven business and are more likely to continue to learn and adapt as the world continues to change.”

Leach says Qrious is already talking to early adopters.

He says the service will be available for all types of New Zealand business, but will be primarily focused on large organisations, across government and industries like finance and healthcare.

Leach says the partnership with Cloudera completes a full end to end data offering which he believes is unique in New Zealand.

Built on open source technology, the Cloudera platform offers one place to store, access, process, secure, and analyse all of a customer’s data in batch or real time. This extends the value of existing investments and helping to unlock fundamental new ways to derive value.

“This platform is designed to address not only incremental development but also to support and incorporate different kinds of data,” says Doug Cutting, chief architect of Cloudera, who spoke at a Qrious forum on big data.

“This matches the pace people need to be working at to make the applications to keep [businesses] competitive,” says Cutting, who is also the creator of Hadoop.

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This matches the pace people need to be working at to make the applications to keep businesses competitiveDoug Cutting, Cloudera

Facing the competition

Leach, meanwhile, says that Qrious sees the platform as an opportunity to be a game changer for New Zealand businesses and help them help accelerate their data-driven journey.

“The pace of change is accelerating and driving increasing levels of new and disruptive competition,” says Leach.

“Harnessing the value of data to make better, faster business decisions and improve customer experience will give savvy businesses the edge they need to compete and stay relevant over the long term.”

Shyam Srinivasan, Cloudera regional director for Australia and New Zealand, describes the partnership with Qrious as ‘a natural fit’.

“Its data scientists, architects and engineers are world class and, coupled with the value of its unique data sources, customers are able to see success much quicker than previously.”

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