Toll NZ tracks process delivery with Promapp

Toll New Zealand has announced it will deploy Promapp’s cloud-based business process management software as part of the company’s ongoing continuous improvement program.

“By using Promapp, we will have a process management solution that is accessible throughout the organisation,” says Anthony Barrett, general manager IT, Toll New Zealand, in a statement.

“The feedback loop will also enable people to engage with processes and suggest improvements, ultimately supporting our strategy of being recognised as the Asia Pacific region’s most successful provider of logistics.”

Promapp will replace the company’s range of processes created and stored in Visio, Word and on their intranet which, although documented, were difficult to update and manage for the diverse business groups throughout the Toll business.

“We wanted a common language for process throughout the business and sought to deploy an industry best practice solution. At the same time, we aspired to deploy a platform where processes could be documented and then evolve to where these processes could actually provide a platform for continuous process improvement,” explains Barrett.

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We aspired to deploy a platform where processes could be documented and then evolve to where these processes could actually provide a platform for continuous process improvementAnthony Barrett, Toll NZ

Toll is one of New Zealand’s largest domestic freight forwarders offering end-to-end transport services and logistics solutions.

Promapp was selected based on its ease of use, attractive user interface and its overall return on investment based on the experience of other companies.

Promapp will be rolled out to all of Toll New Zealand’s business units and departments. They will use the software to support continuous improvement.

“We believe that people perform best when they are empowered, accountable and recognised. How we go about achieving success is as important as success itself. Promapp will enable us to drive this strategy,” says Barrett.

At the same time, the company has also started to deploy Promapp’s risk module which will support the company’s overall compliance initiatives.

“Our compliance policy aims to achieve the ongoing involvement and total commitment of all management, employees, contractors and suppliers to seek and achieve continuous improvement in everything we do,” says Barrett. “Promapp will support this program in the coming years.”

Promapp’s recently launched Process Variant Management Module will also provide Toll New Zealand with the ability to recognise standard processes and manage or eliminate process variations.

“We need Process Variant Management functionality as we have customer and region specific variations and must capture and manage these effectively in order to boost business operational performance,” says Barrett of the cloud based system.

“Previously, we didn’t know how different a process was from one customer, region or department to another so we were unable to attach a value to it. Now, we will be able to see each variant and more importantly, identify the cost and impact of each process variation. We will achieve better management of process variations so will be able to better manage risk.”

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