The 2016 CIO100 report: Full speed ahead

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Pieter Bakker, group IT director, Frucor, aptly explains the environment he and his team face ahead as they execute the organisation’s digital strategy, while working on traditional IT operations or business as usual: “The challenge is to maintain deep engagement and deliver at pace, whilst building digital capability in the IT team.”

This balancing act for CIOs is a key theme running across organisations in this year’s CIO100, our annual report on the top ICT using organisations in New Zealand. The organisational shift into the digital realm means ICT leaders are essentially in the midst of building new business models, preparing their ICT teams for an ever evolving environment, while ensuring they are in step with their business peers in implementing these initiatives.

They do not expect the pace of activities in the digital arena to slow down this year, and are preparing their teams – through upskilling and restructuring – to be able to cope with these shifts. A number of these CIOs – equipped with resources, top level support and proactive teams and co-business leaders – are thus providing the templates for other New Zealand organisations on how to thrive in the digital economy.

Who are in the 2016 CIO100 list?

Global CIOs

Gerben Otter of Fonterra

John Bell of Fletcher Building

Johan Vendrig of Orion Health

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