CX factor: Some customers believe mobile app not as secure as internet banking

We do find that some customers need help understanding the benefits of using a mobile app.Liz Maguire, ANZ Bank

People under the age of 25 are almost 10 times more likely to bank using mobile banking apps than internet banking, according to ANZ digital channel research of nearly 1000 customers.

When asked if they use ANZ’s internet banking or mobile app more often, 91 per cent of under 25 year olds favoured the mobile app, compared to 78 per cent of 25 to 44 year olds and only 42 per cent of those 55 years or older.

“Younger people have become very used to doing everything on their mobile – and this includes banking,” says Liz Maguire, head of digital and transformation at ANZ Bank.

“Even though more of our over 55 year old customers prefer internet banking to the mobile app, it was pleasing that more than 90 per cent of these customers are doing some form of digital banking,” says Maguire, in a statement.

Maguire says the bank is careful about ensuring its products and services are digitally inclusive for customers of all ages and levels of digital experience.

“That means that we not only design them in a way that’s intuitive, simple and functional, but that we also spend a lot of time training our branch and contact centre staff so that there’s always someone there to help if they need.

Liz Maguire of ANZ Bank: No to digital exclusion

“We do find that some customers need help understanding the benefits of using a mobile app,” says Maguire.

“We also find that some customers believe that banking on a mobile isn’t as secure as on a computer, but this is not correct.”

Across channels

ANZ says more than 60 per cent of its two million retail customers have used either internet banking or its mobile app goMoney in the past 90 days.

ANZ says goMoney currently has a satisfaction of 98 per cent while its internet banking platform has a satisfaction of 97 per cent.

Additionally, ANZ market tracking of more than 14,000 people annually has found that customers who use the mobile banking app are more satisfied with the bank overall (93 per cent satisfaction), compared to those who have never used the app (87 per cent).

“These customers have the best of both worlds,” says Maguire. “They have the ease and convenience of being able to bank when and where they want, but can access our branch and contact centre staff if they need help or would prefer to talk to someone.”

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