ANZ goMoney promotes a stop to paper statements

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ANZ aims to further reduce the number of paper bank statements it sends out by giving ANZ goMoney users the ability to turn off paper statements for their everyday accounts and personal credit cards.

Customers who opt to stop paper statements, can view or download them via Internet Banking and goMoney instead.

“Customers are increasingly moving towards digital statements,” says Liz Maguire, ANZ’s head of digital channels and transformation.

“Seventy per cent of our customers are receiving at least one statement online. Having this option in goMoney will make it even easier for our customers to manage their statements and will also be better on the environment too.”

Since 2011 the bank says it has been steadily reducing the amount of paper it uses.

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The savings amount to around 363 tonnes of paper (roughly the weight of 60 elephants) or 72 million sheets of A4 paper,Liz Maguire, ANZ Bank

Since statement stopper functionality was made available to Internet Banking users in March 2013, the number of paper statements sent out by ANZ has dropped by 46 per cent.

“The savings amount to around 363 tonnes of paper (roughly the weight of 60 elephants) or 72 million sheets of A4 paper,” says Maguire.

goMoney is New Zealand’s most popular mobile banking app with over 600,000 active users.

Since its launch in 2011, goMoney has been regularly updated and improved to make banking on-the-go easier and more secure for customers, says Maguire.

goMoney Wallet is a new feature within goMoney that enables customers to make payments with a tap of their Android phone. ANZ says 33,000 customers have used it for more than $1.7 million in payments since its launch last December.

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