Orion Health, Medtech and CSC build ‘collective data ecosystem’

Orion Health CEO Ian McCrae

Health software providers Orion Health, Medtech and CSC have teamed together to deliver integrated precision medicine system for New Zealand.

The three organisations will work together to join hospital level clinical data with primary care data and personal health data. When this integrated clinical data is linked to genomics, microbiomics, proteomics and other new health information types, it will enable a truly personalised healthcare system for New Zealanders.

“This area is ground-breaking and is set to fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered over the next decade,” says Orion Health CEO Ian McCrae, in a statement.

Because of New Zealand’s high levels of health automation and integration, the country is well poised to lead the world in this exciting transformation in health that is believed will have a similar impact to that of antibiotics, hygiene and immunisation, he adds.

“The joint vision of Orion Health, Medtech and CSC is to deliver a collective data ecosystem that supports health and social investment.”

The joint vision of Orion Health, Medtech and CSC is to deliver a collective data ecosystem that supports health and social investment.Ian McCrae, Orion Health

“Being able to target people who need support earlier, predicting the risk of people most in need and supporting people across their journey through life, – where they live, work and play, would be a game changer for health and social services.

“Enabling a precision medicine approach will ultimately drive personalised healthcare combining all information unique to a person to identify prevention and treatment strategies which will be effective for them based on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.”

As the largest software providers to the New Zealand health system, collaboratively Orion Health, Medtech and CSC believe they have an obligation to support a NZ Health Inc. approach, and work with other key partners in the sector, including the New Zealand Government, says McCrae. “We need to leverage the current health system investments better and focus on a human centred design to support personalised medicine.”

Vino Ramayah, CEO of Medtech, says the project will deliver significant benefits to both individuals and the broader healthcare system by achieving seamless information flows between primary and secondary care.

Stephen Miller, CSC country manager, says the partnership will start to break down the silos that exist between systems, ensuring a ‘whole of person’ healthcare approach in New Zealand.

“This is consistent with CSC’s efforts globally and our aspirations to facilitate greater participation and personalisation of care with the consumer involved in organising and coordinating their own care,” says Miller. “A whole new world of health is upon us and New Zealand could be the global leader in the transformation.”

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