Westpac’s mobile payment stickers allow customers to make payments with any mobile device

Mobile payment sticker allows Westpac customers to make payments with any mobile device

The Westpac PayTag, can be attached to the back of a mobile device (or any other suitable item), enabling customers to make quick, secure contactless payments of up to $80 simply by holding their smartphone up to a contactless terminal.

“We are also trialling Host Card Emulation (HCE) “digital wallet” technology which enables credit and debit card details - and over time things like transport cards, loyalty cards and potentially ID - to be accessible from Android smartphones. This will be available to our customers from early next year,” said Shane Howell, chief product officer, Westpac NZ.

Howell said feedback from the Westpac PayTag trial early this year had been overwhelmingly positive.

“We’re excited we’re able to offer a way for all of our customers to make payments using their mobile device, regardless of what type of device or operating system they have. Westpac PayTag uses PayPass contactless technology providing an easier and faster experience for our customers at point of sale,” Howell said in a statement.

Developed in partnership with Gemalto, Westpac PayTag is protected by secure encryption technology making it just as safe as an ordinary contactless card. If a Westpac PayTag is lost or stolen, it is covered by MasterCard’s Zero Liability policy for unauthorised transactions.

Howell said Kiwis were embracing mobile payments with less cash per capita circulating here than in other OECD countries, and Westpac PayTag was just one of the systems being considered by the bank.

Westpac PayTag is available via the Westpac website, contact centre and in branches. Westpac said the customers’ first PayTag will be free for a limited time.

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