Leadership in the digital economy: Tales from the frontline

“The key is getting the culture right...If we do not change the culture, we will not be able to make that transformation.”

Avi Golan on how Air NZ unleashes digital transformation

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“The job of the CIO now is to truly drive partnership with the business, as an equal partner..."With really good CIOs, those opportunities to totally disrupt, totally change, to think quite differently, can be sprung...It is that equal partnership that will make the biggest difference."

Government CIO Colin MacDonald talks about how NZ became a digital ‘standout’ nation and shares career pointers for ICT leaders

Timothy Kasbe

“Don’t just do your job. Think of how you can help your colleagues.”

Timothy Kasbe of The Warehouse Group on taking a wide-angle lens on leadership

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“We can grow the ICT sector and make it inclusive at the same time.”

Communications Minister Clare Curran outlines the priorities of her first 100 days in office

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“ Understand the opportunity that data presents.”

Jennifer Cherrington-Mowat of Genesis Energy on how big data allows the organisation to work on ‘cool things’

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“We are the first generation that had to go through this [massive change brought by digitisation]. There is no textbook out there [on this topic], you can't get this off the shelf. We need to be confident and take risks... we have to be able to lead our teams to do that.”

Julie Canepa of Cisco shares her game plan for leading through digital disruption

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“Customer and consumer obsession... is really at the heart of what digital is about.”

Pieter Bakker of Frucor talks about taking part in a hackathon with a supercomputer

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‘What if’ is the question modern CIOs need to think through...Be prepared for anything!”

Robin Johansen on the CIO’s broadening role: Business strategist, futurist, change agent

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“Disrupt yourself, before somebody else does.”

David Gram of Lego on an insider’s guide to radical innovation

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“You are going to have all competitors coming in from all different sides...What they are after is not your primary business, what they are after is your data...Put a lot of effort in building that analytics capability...It does not matter what you are doing to build your analytics capability. I can always guarantee you are not doing enough.”

Maile Carnegie of ANZ Banking Group on why ‘being awesome at data analytics a no brainer'

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“We should have control of how data is being used. Is it being used for our benefit, or is it being used as a deficit model against us?...We need to be careful that just because we have that data we can use, doesn’t mean we should.”

Dame Diane Robertson of the Data Futures Partnership on the challenges and opportunities organisations face as they work with data

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“You have to continually be on the lookout for new opportunities for your company. “

Martin Catterall of HW Richardson Group on the CIO as a visionary and pragmatic driver for change

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“CIOs can not be seen as a barrier to change and innovation in the organisation.”

Sarah Thirlwall of Counties Manukau Health on moving ICT from functional to transformational

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