CIO spotlight: Glen McLatchie of SkyCity

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We had them log in with their employee card. We then captured who they were as they walked around and displayed their employee photo with their details on a large screen. They asked, ‘why am I up there?’ That was an interactive way of showing them our new facial recognition software.

They were able to pick up a scanner that will be used by the new supply chain management system. And use the fingerprint system for logging into the new rostering system.

Again, it is a different way of telling the same story. You talk to the board and executive and they understand why we need to do a transformation programme. But we needed to bring that understanding four to five layers down the organisation.

And we did that, we had people from our production area, kitchens, the dealers, security teams, finance teams, everybody across the business.

They got excited about the future, and that was the biggest thing.”

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