10 tips for writing better IT resumes

A well-honed resume is your key to landing that coveting IT position. Here’s how to ensure your skills and experience shine.

10 tips for writing better IT resumes
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Writing a resume isn’t easy, especially if you have a unique work history, employment gaps or if you lack a cohesive career story. If you struggle to land an interview, keep your resume concise or if you can’t figure out which skills to leave off your resume, you aren’t alone. Here are 10 tips for helping your IT resume stand out.

1. Hone your cover letter

You might not consider your cover letter as part of your resume, but it’s just as important. Your cover letter complements your resume, giving you another avenue for cohesively conveying the value you can add to the hiring organization. A thoughtfully crafted cover letter can help shed more light on your resume and experience before your interview, while also introducing your communication skills and personality to hiring managers and recruiters.  

“A cover letter is a candidate's chance to tell the story behind the standard resume that hiring managers see all day, every day. It's where you can connect with the hiring manager, and display interest in the role and the organization,” says Kevin McCarty, CEO of West Monroe Partners. “Most importantly, show how your skills and experiences will benefit the company.” Doing so will help frame your resume in the most favorable light.

2. Craft your resume to match

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