Top 2020 technology trends for the Middle East

Over the next 12 months CIOs in the Middle East will focus on AI, blockchain, RPA and cloud technology that enable digital transformation and create new revenue opportunities.

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Business loves a buzzword, and right now the phrase on enterprise tech leaders' lips in the Middle East is digital transformation. Over the next year though, tech industry insiders expect that CIOs will pay more than lip service to the idea of digital transformation and move from a focus on cost optimization to an effort to make more fundamental changes in their ways of doing business.

For CIOs this means investing in enabling technologies that can improve company and employee performance, enhance customer experience and create new business models and revenue streams.

But although CIOs continue to gain strategic influence, and with it bigger budgets, their pot of gold isn't endless and CIOs in MENA look set to balance their books in 2020 by adopting more emerging tech and moving more core applications to the cloud, while decreasing traditional data centre investments.

For instance, 2019 server sales are expected to increase just 1.5 percent, flattening out after a 30 percent growth spurt a year earlier, according to Gartner. Meanwhile, enterprise software sales, including for emerging technology, are forecast to jump about 15 percent, pointing toward a shift in the role of tech in the enterprise.

Blockchain gains momentum for 2020 

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