Hot Israeli 5G startups to watch

Israel itself is lagging in 5G deployment, but startups are developing applications and network components designed to drive and take advantage of the superfast mobile technology. Here are several promising Israeli 5G-related ventures.

5g wireless mobile data connection

Israel’s technology innovation sector attracts billions of dollars a year in foreign investment, earning it the nickname, Startup Nation. For all the accolades, however, the country’s rollout of 5G telecommunications infrastructure is far from the cutting edge.

The next-generation telecom networks promise faster download speeds, high reliability, and quick response times. That will provide the computing and communications infrastructure for autonomous vehicles, smart city applications, and digital health services.

While 5G networks went live this year around the world, including in the Middle East, Israel’s communications ministry only published its tender for 5G frequency licenses in July and has yet to announce any winners. What’s more, competition among Israel’s cellular service providers has been so intense that they’ve been laying off workers —  financing the network upgrade will be a challenge.

Despite the infrastructure lag, Israeli startups are developing technology designed to drive 5G revolution globally. Some companies make network building blocks, while others are developing applications that will rely on the advanced networks. Below are several promising Israeli 5G-related ventures:  


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