20 IT resolutions for 2020

The new decade finds technology changing faster than ever. IT leaders must balance a wide array of priorities in developing a strategic agenda that can keep up.

Even in the high-touch field of healthcare, where human interactions remain core to the delivery of most services, IT exec Bill Fandrich feels the pressure to bring technology-fueled transformations to bear.

Fandrich, senior vice president and CIO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, says he must focus on how to use technology to create higher quality, more affordable services as well as to improve interactions for administrators, medical providers and patients. And he must determine, out of all the technology options available, which ones deliver the most returns for the best value based on his company’s overall goals and objectives.

He takes the pressure in stride, saying: “It’s kind of amazing being in technology now because there has not been a more impactful time when it comes to the value and importance of IT.”

Fandrich’s outlook encapsulates the CIO agenda for 2020.

Enterprise technology leaders will continue with digital transformation this year and beyond. They’ll also continue becoming more strategic and visionary as well as more agile. And, as CIOs have always done, they’ll seek out emerging technologies as well as existing ones to deliver the solutions that their organizations need to compete.

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