Top African data breaches, security stories show enterprises under stress

Rapid uptake of IT on the continent fuels growing threats, putting pressure on enterprises to take robust preventative measures.

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While Africa took longer than the rest of the world to fully embrace the internet, it soon made up for lost time as the mobile revolution swept the continent during the last decade, allowing tens of millions of Africans to leapfrog desktop computing and access the transformative mobile products and services of the digital economy. Today, there are over 525 million African internet users, which is more than in North America and the Middle East combined.

With that exponential growth comes increased attention from opportunity-seeking hackers and fraudsters determined to find holes in nascent online security systems and exploit them. While the value of the African hacks thus far pales in comparison to what is going on in more developed economies, the number of attacks that enterprises withstand has grown. African enterprises are attacked by malicious hackers more frequently than enterprises elsewhere in the world, according to Check Point Software research.

Here are key data breaches and security stories over the last year in the most important economies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Shadow Kill Hackers hit Johannesburg

In October, Johannesburg woke up to the news that the city’s municipal website and billing services had been hacked by a group calling themselves Shadow Kill Hackers. The group was demanding a ransom of four bitcoins, approximately $30,000 at the time, in order to stop the group releasing all of the data they had procured onto the internet. 

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