6 IT roles prime for reskilling

Digital initiatives are not just transforming business — they are also significantly shaking up the requirements of IT roles that support them.

6 IT roles prime for reskilling
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It should not be surprising, given the furious pace of change in the technology field, that some IT roles are undergoing something of a metamorphosis so that they can adapt to shifting requirements.

CIOs need to consider these roles ripe for reskilling or upskilling in support of digital transformations. Roles that required a certain set of skills and accomplished a certain set of tasks in the past have evolved to require new skills and to accomplish new goals, given the shift in strategy that a transformation requires.

Developments such as the growth of cloud computing and the rise of enterprise mobility and edge computing have greatly broadened the scope of IT in recent years. This has in turn given new meaning and scope to a number of technology jobs.

Following are some of the key roles that IT leaders need to consider anew, and skills and training suggestions to help push them from their old focus into a new version that’s more likely to be effective for this new digital paradigm.

Business analyst

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