7 tech buzzwords to cancel in 2020

Tech is an industry all too often fueled by hype, but some CIOs are fed up. Here IT leaders from retail, health care, consulting and other sectors discuss tech catch-all jargon they’d like to see dumped.

7 tech buzzwords to cancel for 2020
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More than any other industry, technology suffers from misplaced industry jargon. CIOs are battered by consultants hawking cure-all strategies and vendors pitching Swiss Army-knife solutions in a box.

Tech jargon is so pervasive that even IT leaders are falling prey to the warmed-over Kool-Aid, contributing to the gross fatigue of even legitimate terms. It's not that tech phrases and terms don't have any merit; it’s that many are often loosely defined or misapplied.

CIOs have concerns with ill-fitting nomenclature as well. Some terms are outdated or do a poor job of characterizing the task they are intended to complete. Others are incomplete because they leave out crucial ingredients or factors.

Here IT leaders rail about the various misnomers, misguided appellations and general liberal use of jargon to describe technologies, IT processes and other infuriating catch-all terms.

1. Digital transformation

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