6 hot infrastructure and operations trends — and 5 going cold

When it comes to infrastructure and production systems, stability is king. And yet change persists, as organizations seek greater security and faster speeds — without sacrificing reliability.

The COVID-19 has significantly stressed the IT world, but it has also vindicated a range of infrastructure choices made by those who have been paying attention to emerging trends. The cloud for one has proved a panacea for many organizations weathering changes triggered by the pandemic. Automation as well has gained steam as enterprises took up the mantle from early adopters who were well-positioned when the pandemic hit thanks to previous RPA and AI bets.

Still, pandemic or no, IT departments can never be complacent. Change, often rapid and always unforgiving, is a constant part of the industry. And thanks to the pandemic, change in IT is accelerating.

Teams responsible for curating code and keeping systems running smoothly are naturally careful. Experimentation and change for the sake of change is for the high-strung innovators down in the skunkworks. When the company depends on everything running smoothly, keeping infrastructure and operations stable is more important.

Yet many new strategies and tools have arrived of late to transform how back offices do the heavy lifting of keeping the servers and networks running. Some of these trends are driven by new innovations, some by pure economics, and some by political realities. All reflect the way IT infrastructure teams are pushed to provide more security and faster speeds without sacrificing stability.

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